How To ?

How to use this Brahmin's Job portal ?


1.  A new USER REGISTRATION is required to access this portal. After registration you will get a validation mail with a validation link. Go to your mail box with which you registered and look of the email from Brahmins Job portal  due to heavy traffic from this site, some times you may need to check in SPAM folder for the validation link. 

 2. After validation of that link by clicking it, your account will be activated. If you are not getting the validation mail after registration, to validate your account just SMS as ACTIVATE JOBS  your email address to the Mobile No: +91-9994818463. You will be activated within some hours and after activation you will receive a activated sms. 

Now you shall start to POST OR SEEK. Click the GREEN button to start.

 3. When you click the Green button you will find a PUBLISH A LISTING page.

4. Start to choose Job Provider or Job Seeker.

5. Select the category in which your Job section falls.

6. Write your requirement or skill and your need which you like to public.

7. In the YELLOW BOX click now and upload the image related to your job or your personal image, which can be published in social medias.

8. Provide your location information including city. Just select for country, state, and type location. This will help people to choose you as per location.

9. SEO meta tags if you know about this you can fill or just leave this.

10. Complete the balance information like Phone Number, Email address, website addres etc.

11. Add the file like brouchers, resumes, cv, biodata etc, which shall be downloadable by the viewers.

12. Type the SPAM CHECK text and start publishing.


Note: During the file upload at the end of page. Be sure that your internet connection is good. If it is a poor internet connection, you file will open as a blank page. But you shall edit and modify your file at any time by login to your account. Do not leave SPACE on the resume or file you upload. (Example:   my_resume.doc this is correct   if my resume.doc this is wrong. That is there should not be space in the file name. so add - in spaces of the file name by renaming it before you upload.